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Model DA Food Shaper Bridge Machine Company

Up to 2,400 4" diameter patty-sized portions per hour
Up to 4,800 2" diameter slider-sized portions per hour

With an operation much like its counterpart, the Model D, the Model DA is expertly designed to take you to the next level. Carefully constructed to run at higher speeds, this machine will revolutionize your production times. The Model DA also includes an innovative rotating spatula to release product from the mold plate effortlessly.  This additional, ingenious feature allows your operator to transfer the product with ease, which contributes to improved production times.

  • USDA accepted
  • Stainless steel food contact surfaces
  • Casted aluminum body for lightweight design
  • Tabletop size
  • Easily disassembled without the use of tools
  • Dishwasher-safe food contact surfaces
  • 1/3-HP motor
  • High-speed rotating propellers
  • Gentle product flow into forming cavities
  • Adjustable knob controls to easily regulate portions
  • Precise weight controls
  • Variable product thickness from 1/4″ up to 1″ thick
  • 20-lb. infeed hopper
  • Safety interlock on hopper lid
  • Automatic product removal via a rotating spatula
  • Complete controls with Allen Bradley components
  • 2-button operation
  • Standard 110 voltage
  • Up to 20 hole turntables
  • Various shape turntables – round, square, custom
  • Foot-pedal operation
  • Anodized construction for harsh environments
  • Hydraulic drive for dough products
  • Various operating voltages
Model DA Food Shaper
  • Model DA Food Shaper
  • food shaper
  • patties
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