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LOR & LOS Series Likwifier

2200 RPM HIGH SPEED Likwifier™

Belt Drive

For a Quarter of a Century the World’s Most Preferred Blender for Highly Viscous Products From Cheese Slurries to Whey Concentrates from Tomato Paste to Gum Concentrates, the Likwifier™ Delivers Homogeneity in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Feature for Feature, No Other Blender Compares with Likwifier™

  • Dissolves and mixes diverse products more efficiently than any other blender
  • Complete hydration; any soluble product dissolved in 5 minutes or less
  • Unique blending, dissolving and dispersing action gets every ounce
  • Vast range of applications; more being added each day

Standard Construction

12 gauge, type 304 stainless No. 4 polished, skirted around bottom for more efficient water runoff.
Locking stainless steel ball feet, adjustable
12 gauge stainless steel, No. 4 polished, 24-inch diameter
Stainless steel, No. 4 polished, fixed.
Impeller Agitation
Threaded for quick release from coupling by one person.
Impeller Agitation Drive
Belt driven by totally enclosed, fan cooled, side mounted motor, easy removability.
3-inch outlet, 2-inch inlet, tri-clamp ferrules

Approximate Motor Specifications

LOR-100 10 Inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
40 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

LOR-200 12 Inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
50 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

LOR-300 12 Inch Impeller
40 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
60 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
60/30 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

HP is general and is decided on final viscosity and impeller size.

Specifications and Dimensions of Series LOR Belt Drive Round Vessel


* B Dimension estimate, height varies based on belt guard size
Squat designs also availabel for 200, 300, 400 & 500 gallon units


Specifications and Dimensions of Series LOS Belt Drive Square Vessel


Add 4 5/8″ when jacketed with heat transfer temp-plate and insulation ” Weight (Ibs.) with motor

CONSTRUCTION: 304 Stainless Steel, 150 Grit No. 4 Finish on product surfaces, Stainless Steel Impeller threaded for quick removal, Belt driven by totally enclosed fan cooled side mounted C-Face motor, easy removability

OPTIONS: CIP Assembly, Tri-Clamp vent assembly, Thermowell with dial thermometer or RTD Probe, 316/316L contact surfaces, Square manway, Insulated temp-plate for heating and cooling on side wall and/ or cone, ASME Certification for temp-plate and electrical controls


Typical LOR Motor/Impeller Sizing

10 inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
40 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional

12 inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
50 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional

Proper Methods for Dispersing and Hydrating Hydrophillic Stabilizers

High Shear Mayonnaise Blending Video

Hydrating Concentrated Pectin Blends Video

Hydratiom of Tomato Paste Video

LOR Heavy Duty 2200 rpm High Speed Likwifier

LOR & LOS Series
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