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Inline High Shear Mixers Bematek

Modern industrial processes almost always involve some form of mixing, agitation or blending. Inline, dynamic mixing machines will significantly reduce mixing time, because multiple high-shear-action zones confined in one mixing chamber can deliver the desired shear intensity performed on the product in a single pass.

Finished product stability and superior particle distribution would otherwise be unattainable with traditional agitators or top mounted mixing equipment. Bematek machines offer the inline scale-up capability, but with added benefits that set the benchmark for inline mixing technology.

Bematek offers significant advancements in the art of mixing with innovative, versatile and configurable, inline machines that can optimize production and be easily matched to various raw material requirements. Our customers gain competitive advantage leveraging Bematek’s process industry knowledge and materials expertise. These benefits overcome the typical industrial emulsifying and homogenizing processing constraints, which would otherwise limit manufacturing innovation.

  • Mix Order Control – Mixing chambers can be easily adapted to introduce multiple process materials at various positions in the shear-zone order, thus controlling competing reactions or protecting shear sensitive materials from unnecessary overwork.
  • Dual Action Mixing – The Bematek inline mixer delivers dual functionality with flexible mixing capabilities while providing high shear intensity to various feed materials in a single-pass machine, opening the path to manufacturing innovation.
  • Production Cost Optimization – This true axial flow design can eliminate the need for pump assistance in some applications, leading to a manufacturing-cost advantage. The Bematek mixer generates superior self-pumping action using multiple internal rotors specifically designed for this task. 1.) The standard shear rotor is designed to deliver pumping assistance with efficiencies exceeding any other mixer. 2.) Optional, multiple propeller pumping rotor (s) can be configured into the mixing chamber to provide unmatched pumping efficiencies. No other inline mixer offers multiple pumping rotor (s).
  • True Multistage Mixing – Bematek’s superior mixing capability is realized when configuring one to six mixing stages in an axial flow regime with little or no pressure drop.
  • Shear-Zone Management™ – The configurable mixing chamber design places shear-zone control at your fingertips. You can manage the amount of shear-action or mixing intensity by selectively arranging rotor and stator positions and profiles thus eliminating over or-under mixing.
  • Higher Capacity Mixing – Innovative inline design delivers the advantages of higher throughput due to a mixing chamber intensity, not seen in traditional mixer designs. The Bematek inline design maximizes mixing chamber intensity by eliminating inter-stage bypass common in other high-shear mixing technologies thus reducing mixing time.
  • Easy Mixer Chamber Maintenance – This sanitary tri-clamp design allows quick and easy access to the mixer chamber internal parts for inspection, cleaning, and mixer chamber configuration. This mixer design offers incredible productivity advantages.
  • Precision Mixer Design – Our rotor and stator shear gaps are optimized and consistent through precision mix chamber alignment. This mix chamber alignment is achieved with our integral bearing housing designed for maximizing mixer performance.
Inline High Shear Mixers
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