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Icing & Glazing Systems Likwifier

Icing & Glaze Preparation & Application

The Likwifier based icing system, in conjunction with a dual-action holding tank, provides high quality icing at a consistent temperature from batch to batch.

The heart of our icing system is the LORSS Cooker/Mixer. This unit illustrates components configured to employ both steam or water for temperature control.  All mixing, scraping and heat transfer functions are available on the central operator control panel. The blending action of the LORSS Likwifier significantly reduces preparation time and assures consistency.


The completed icing is pumped from the LORSS to the temperature controlled holding tank.

ice pump

Consistent icing improves ease of application and your final product. The mixing paddles, scraping action and temperature control within the tank will keep the icing consistent and ready for application for extended periods of time.

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