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A good tenderizer is a game changer. From producing a higher quality product thanks to increased tenderization to reducing labor costs and production times, it’s well worth the investment. EnSight tenderizers handle solid portions of meat and make precise cuts in a single pass. Both our CC Series and our CS Series orient product in a straight line and then transport it along a belt and through razor-sharp scoring blades.

Are you ready to make a switch? Discover which of our tenderizers would be the perfect addition to your facility, customize it, and then watch as you exceed your production goals.

Sanitation and Safety Features

At EnSight Solutions, we have high standards for sanitation and safety features. All of our machines, including our tenderizers, are USDA accepted. Since we construct these tenderizers out of 304 stainless steel with a glass bead-blast frame, you won’t have to worry about metal wearing down, contaminating your meat, or harboring bacteria. These tenderizers come with an easy-to-clean, nickel-plated chain and a drip tray for product loss reclamation.

Our tenderizers have sharp blades to ensure accuracy and precision, but they must be handled with extreme care. To make cleanup safer, we’ve included a wash rack for blade storage on both of our tenderizer models. Other safety features include hinged safety guarding over tenderizing blade assemblies and safety interlocks on guards.

Customizable Features

While our standard tenderizer models include versatile components like an adjustable blade cutting depth, we can customize your tenderizer with add-ons. When browsing our products, look over the standard features section. If you see something missing, don’t forget to browse through the available options. You can add a portable wash rack with stainless steel lid and casters, a lifting beam for knife shaft removal, and various operating voltages. On our CC Series, we’ll even include larger diameter tenderizing blades if you say the word.

Find the Right Fit

Why settle for an almost-ideal tenderizer? By partnering with EnSight Solutions, you can collaborate with our designers to craft a tenderizer that will enhance your facility. With just a few small tweaks, we can transform your entire meat tenderizing process. If you don’t see a desired feature listed in our product descriptions, just ask our team and we will do our best to find a solution!

We have two basic tenderizer designs you can choose from as a starting point, and our experienced team of sales specialists can help you make the best choice. We look forward to working with you.

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