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Our formers can help you achieve your accuracy goals and optimal production time. Take our BT-008 Meatball Former, for example. This machine can form up to 160,000 well-shaped meatballs per hour! Whether you need meatballs, patties, or just bite-sized pieces, we’ve got you covered. Some features that set our formers apart include their gentle product flow into the forming cavities, adjustable knob controls to easily regulate portions, and automatic wire scrapers for ease of product release.

Sanitation and Safety Features

When it comes to raw meat, keeping your machines free of harmful bacteria is a top priority, so we build each machine to USDA standards. We construct our formers out of easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel with a glass bead blast finish. Every moving part serves a necessary function and has all continuous welds to prevent bacteria from building up. Even the access panels have a polished finish.

In order to keep your operators safe, we’ve included safety features on each of our basic former models. These features include a safety interlock on the hopper lid, safety guarding over the forming mechanism, complete operator controls, and a two-button operation with an emergency stop.

Customizable Features

Our engineers can tailor EnSight formers to fit almost any requirements. Although we have eight models to choose from, the options and possibilities don’t end there. Ask our team about tailoring the hold drum on your former to have one, two, or three holes, and we can even alter the shape to be round, oval, or square. We understand that your operators know the needs of your facility best, so we create our machines with variable speed operations and various operating voltages. Do your operators work better with foot-pedal functions? We can make that an option on several of our formers.

Find the Right Fit

We like to provide our customers with many options to choose from, but we understand that sometimes having too many decisions to make can be daunting. Our EnSight Solutions sales specialists are passionate about coming up with solutions for your facility, and with their help, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice. If you’re shopping on behalf of a restaurant, school, or even a cruise ship, the Model D Food Shaper might be a great fit. However, if your facility processes hundreds of thousands of patties per day, the I-480 Food Moulder is a better option.

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