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When your customers take your products home to cook, they shouldn’t have to worry about varying thicknesses causing inconsistent cooking rates. Purchasing a flattener for your facility will significantly enhance your food’s quality by ensuring size and shape consistency. We carry two types of flatteners that you can enhance with customizable features. The TR Series is perfect for a large wholesale production facility, while the Pound-O-Matic works best in butcher shops, restaurants, and catering environments.

Sanitation and Safety Features

All our flatteners come with built-in sanitation and safety features. For starters, both designs have a T-304 stainless steel construction. This strong material can handle exposure to harsh water pressure and cleansing agents without forming bacteria-harboring dents and pits. Our TR Series flattener has an inline continuous flow design, glass bead-blast frame, and a polished finish on all access panels, which makes it very easy to clean the system. It also comes with removable neoprene belting, so stray food particles have no place to hide. In fact, its lightly textured belt grips onto the product and holds it into place during the flattening process, making it less likely that food will fall onto your facility floors.

The Pound-O-Matic and the TR Series both include a self-contained hydraulic drive, meaning your operators don’t need to put any effort into maintaining the drive. This lowers the risk of employee injury. The TR Series also comes with safety guarding over the flattening rollers and safety interlocks on its guards. Plus, its four hand wheels provide easy belt height adjustment.

Customizable Features

Even though our basic TR Series model comes with enough horsepower to efficiently reduce product thickness by 50 percent in just one single pass, we understand that your facility might require more system features. Just say the word, and we’ll add electric drive rollers, an additional discharge or transfer conveyor, and six extra rollers for added thickness reduction. We can also manufacture your system to operate at various voltages.

Find the Right Fit

At EnSight, we specialize in excellent customer service. We have an entire team of EnSight Solutions sales specialists dispersed all throughout America, dedicated to helping you find the best flattener for your company. Together, our employees have more than 100 years of combined experience, and we’re ready to put it to the test to create a unique flattener that increases your product’s quality and your facility’s productivity. Contact us today for a quote, and we’ll get started manufacturing your facility’s latest addition.

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