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Behind every productive processing facility is a system of trustworthy conveyors. EnSight Solutions manufactures food-grade conveyors that can enhance your company’s workflow. We carry four basic types that you can enhance with customizable features. Although we’ve tailored each of our conveyors to fulfill specific roles, we’ve included sanitation and safety features, as well as customizable options, for each one.

Sanitation and Safety Features

We understand that sanitation and safety rank as two top priorities for every food processing facility. This is why all of our conveyors are both easy to clean and easy to use. No matter which conveyor you select, you can rest easy knowing that it’s made from high-quality 304 stainless steel that won’t rust or dent over time. Our engineers have created our four basic conveyor designs with simplicity in mind. They contain few moving parts and horizontal surfaces, as well as all seamless welds. To prevent contamination issues, our conveyors contain self-draining locations.

We care about the safety of your operators. Not only do our conveyors’ simplistic designs prevent bacteria build-up, but they also prevent injuries. Fewer moving parts means fewer potential pinch points. To enhance your facility’s conveyors even more, we can add safety features like ergonomic stands, guards, and shut-off switches.

Customizable Features

Perhaps the right conveyor for your facility hasn’t even been created yet. At EnSight, we love providing our customers with the option to customize their conveyors. Each one of our conveyor designs come with unique customization options.

For example, you can personalize our spreading conveyor with features like custom belt widths and stroke lengths, and we can even alter the design to make it portable. Additionally, you can choose between stainless steel wire belting and modular style belting on this model. When you order a storage loader conveyor, you can add on a ribbon top agitation system and a top break bar. We can also design this model to be portable and easy to pivot. Check out our other conveyor models below to discover how you can make them your own.

Find the Right Fit

Choosing the right conveyor for your facility is a big decision, but it’s one that you don’t have to make alone. Our team of sales specialists is standing by, ready to help you select a basic conveyor model and customize it with the best features for your facility. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has seen it all. No design challenge is too big or too complex.

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