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Colloid Mills

The milling of various materials is one of the oldest processing activities that still exists today in modern manufacturing environments. The reduction of particle size in dispersions (solid-in-liquid) or droplet size in emulsions (liquid-in-liquid) is done by applying hydraulic and mechanical shear to various process ingredients. Bematek colloid mills are recognized as the equipment of choice for increasing the stability of suspensions or emulsions in today’s complex homogenizing processes.

The Bematek CZ Sanitary and CK Industrial series colloid mills provide manufacturers with simple, repeatable processing capabilities, for fine-emulsion stability and dispersion uniformity.

The Bematek advantage is simplicity, along with a proven milling chamber design. This colloid mill is the simplest on the market today and has established a strong presence in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, and chemical industries. Maintenance and process configuration of the mill chamber is easy with minimal parts to handle. Other mills are very complex and require the handling of many components to access internals or simply make gap settings. Additionally, Bematek proprietary rotor/stator profiles, designed for specific applications, deliver the confidence and a cost effective means for finished-product control and stability.

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