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Just-Right Solutions for Just-in-Time Kitchens

What do catering services, bakeries, restaurants, butcher shops, event kitchens and cruise ships have in common? They all strive to produce high-quality food in a limited space and fast-paced environment. Unlike mass producers, these businesses take a just-in-time approach to food–mixing, blending, forming and cooking fresh food as needed for the moment, rather than in […]

Coronavirus Response & Updates

Customers and Partners, With the spike in COVID-19 cases across our facilities and region, we are updating our on-site visitor protocols. To help keep our team members and valued partners safe, effective 6/24/21, we are instituting a mask policy for all visitors. Until further notice, we are asking ALL visitors who are not fully vaccinated […]

Sensors Make Predictive Maintenance Possible

There are three main types of maintenance food and industrial processors encounter–preventive, predictive and corrective. Preventive maintenance is planned and then performed on equipment in advance to help ensure failures, and ultimately, unplanned downtime, won’t occur while also mitigating the chance of breakdowns. Examples include regular cleaning, lubrication, inspections, parts replacements and adjustments. Corrective maintenance, […]

EnSight Solutions Becomes Gold Level OEM Partner with Rockwell Automation

STRAFFORD, MO – Rockwell Automation, a global leader in industrial automation, recently welcomed EnSight Solutions, LLC, to its OEM Program at the Gold Level. The OEM Program is part of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork, which provides participants like EnSight the opportunity to collaborate commercially and technically to increase new business opportunities, expand into new market […]

The Ins & Outs of End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)

If you’re interested in automating your food processing facility and integrating robotics, one of the biggest considerations you’ll encounter is end-of-arm tooling. Simply put, end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), i.e., the end effector, is the device at the very end (after the last axis) of a robotic arm. This is the piece designed to interact with the environment […]

Robotics in Food Processing – 9 Common Questions About the Future Answered

EnSight Solutions and Stäubli are on the forefront of helping food processors automate their processes and integrate robots into their businesses. Let’s explore nine questions processors frequently ask about automation and robotics in food processing, along with answers from industry thought leaders.

Remote Access – The Future is Here

Imagine this scenario–a machine in your food processing facility stops working. Your tech checks on it, and reports that they’re not seeing the sensor flash. Obviously, there’s an issue somewhere, but where? The machine? The sensor? What’s your next step? Pay for an OEM tech to fly in and visit on-site to work on the […]

High-Shear Blending Solutions for Industrial Mixing

Gary Seiffer High-shear blending is typically used for processes that involve batch or continuous flow options. Those in the industrial sector need precision, repeatability, reliability, and the ability to fine-tune their processing solutions. Application types vary, but viscosity, particulate size and reduction, temperature, and raw materials impact the type of flow and equipment needed. We’ve […]

Top Concerns in Bakery & Confections Processing

Top Concerns in Bakery & Confections Processing Gary Seiffer Bakery and confections processing is a dusty, messy, elegant, and automated world. People have been baking bread for 30,000 years and no two recipes are alike. We understand the pride our customers take in crafting the perfect loaf, the tastiest donut, or the smoothest icing, glaze, […]

Three Considerations for Further Processing

Jeff Broussard Whether you’re molding chicken nuggets into fun, kid-friendly shapes or crafting the perfect meatball, odds are you’re using further processing to achieve a consistent end-product. Also known as “forming,” further processing is the method of adding a binder to a product and transforming it into a design or shape. While meat and poultry […]

Material Handling Solutions: Moving Ingredients from Farm to Fork

Brian Diggett A food plant is simply a large-scale kitchen. In your kitchen, you measure, mix, and prepare your unique dish by hand, but in a food plant, material handling equipment does the work for you. Finding high-quality, tailored solutions for your material handling needs can minimize sanitary, labor, and floor space issues, plus result […]

Additive Blending Systems

EnSight dynamic in-line mixers, such as the model LZ-400-HD shown below, are at the heart of EnSight’s in-line blending systems. These systems are used to accurately and uniformly blend low-viscosity additives at levels as low as 0.01% into fluids with viscosities as high as 100,000 cP. Furthermore, the additive blending is accomplished using a continuous […]

Continuous Processing Systems

Continuous Processing Systems Particle size reduction in many emulsions and dispersions can be achieved by processing with EnSight’s in-line wet mixers and colloid mills. All the user needs to do is introduce a crude premix of the product into the EnSight mixer/mill processing chamber, and then collect the finished product at the discharge. The two […]

DustShield offers Covid-19 Solutions for your business

EnSight’s sister company DustShield is currently offering several different solutions to increase cleanliness and protect your team while they’re at work. These solutions include sneeze guards for retail counters and partitions for your break room tables. The partitions are fully customizable for your needs, easy to clean and simple to set up. Made of shatterproof […]

Continuous Flow Processing: Key Considerations & Implementation Tips

By David Ekstrom Companies are always on the lookout for the right equipment and processes to provide consistent quality and maintain—or even improve—efficiency. When it comes to industrial high-shear blending, there are numerous options to consider when evaluating process and product fit. At the end of the day, you want a high-shear blending solution that […]

Finding the Right Blending Solution

By Don Wolfe, Likwifier & Bematek Product Line Manager, EnSight Solutions Customers sometimes come to EnSight Solutions with unorthodox high-speed blending requests and plenty of doubts about whether we have the equipment they need to get the job done. Sometimes they wonder if what they need is even possible. That challenge is my favorite part […]

Tackling Hygienic Design While Maintaining Operational Efficiency – Webinar

Achieving operational excellence while producing safe food requires the integration of effective sanitation training and optimal equipment design. EnSight Solutions and Commercial Food Sanitation held a webinar on June 18th, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. CST, in which a pair of experts from both sides of the equation – sanitation and operations – addressed trends […]

Robotics and the Future of Food Processing – Webinar

With COVID-19, many food processors are looking at robotic solutions to help address labor concerns, production demands, and social distancing requirements. What key questions are processors asking and what questions should they be asking to determine operational fit with robotics? Experts in the areas of robotics, food processing equipment design and integration, and automation addressed […]

What I Learned About Sanitary Design from the Front Lines of Food Processing

By Tricia Clark, Vice President of Operations, EnSight Solutions After 25 years in food processing, I’ve learned some valuable lessons on sanitation practices and the realities of cleaning equipment. Lesson No. 1: Each product and process has unique sanitation challenges. You learn a lot at 2:00 a.m. when there’s product blowing through the roof, and […]

EnSight & Stäubli Are Helping Food Processors Meet Increased Demand with Robotics

By Heath Clifton, Engineering Controls Manager, EnSight Solutions With the coronavirus threat looming, more families are gathering around the table for meals at home these days. And that means America’s food processors are stepping up production to keep grocery store shelves and, in turn, pantries, fridges, and freezers stocked. The growing demand has companies large […]

Hygienic Design and Controls

Established in 2018, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) demands that food processors comply with advanced hygienic design standards. FSMA represented a major shift in the industry, transferring priority from treating foodborne illness to preventing it entirely. When plant operators are upgrading their food processing equipment, it’s easy to forget smaller components like control panels. […]

Labor and Safety Trends in Light of Demand

Finding skilled labor is a consistently hot topic for plant managers. Once you fill those hard-to-fill positions, how do you retain employees? More importantly, how do you keep employees safe in the food processing industry as product demand increases? Ultimately, labor and safety trends go hand-in-hand with changing consumer demands. The question is, how do […]

Top Issues for Food Processors

Between proper equipment, employee retention, and sanitary processes, food processors juggle a wide variety of issues. At EnSight Solutions, we’re passionate about creating revolutionary design to make plant managers’ lives easier. Read on to find out how we’re tackling the top issues for food processors – and how these solutions can mitigate your operation’s pain […]

Offering Inline High-Shear and Colloid Mill Solutions

We are excited to announce that EnSight Solutions, LLC has acquired Bematek Systems, Inc. With their inline high-shear wet mixer and colloid mill expertise, Bematek adds to EnSight’s established lines of material handling, further processing, high-shear blending and automation solutions. This dependable line of products joins EnSight’s divisions of Bridge Machine Company, A-One Manufacturing, and […]

Your Source for Automated and Robotic Solutions

If you’re a leader at any level in food processing operations, you know that increasing efficiency and mitigating risk are top of mind. Leading equipment suppliers and support service providers in your industry understand you’re balancing labor concerns, hygiene standards, uptime, and return on investment. That’s why automation is emerging as a powerful solution that’s […]

Gourmet at 160,000 Portions per Hour: Introducing the Titan BT-008 Meatball Former

The Titan BT-008 Meatball Former provides you with consistency and quality at high volumes and the ability to custom-fit almost any production line. A sleek and high-performing machine, the USDA accepted BT-008 offers you flexibility with multiple forming heads, easy to use controls, and the quality of continuous welds and stainless steel T-304 construction. If […]

Features of Storage Loader Conveyors

If you’re in the process of adding a storage loader to your facility, be prepared to be amazed. While storage loader conveyors are similar to screw conveyors, they come with one feature that sets them apart: a top agitation system. The top agitator shaft prevents product from bridging, and it lends more surge capacity to ensure […]

Screw Conveyor Components

Screw conveyors play an extremely important role in the bulk handling and food processing industries. At first glance, screw conveyors might seem simple. That’s because they’re a fairly basic piece of equipment, designed to move product with an auger shaft. However, an unreliable screw conveyor can slow down your operations, cost you a lot of […]

Features Available for Belt Conveyors

Installing a high-quality belt conveyor is key to keeping your manufacturing facility running smoothly. At EnSight Solutions, we offer an extensive line of belt conveyors designed with sanitation and easy maintenance in mind. Whether you’re looking for a single unit or a complete system, EnSight Solutions can help. We have a variety of customizable features available for belt […]

Screw Conveyor Sizing

Are you in the process of choosing a new screw conveyor? Before you nail down the specifics of the machine you wish to purchase, you’ll need to figure out the screw conveyor sizing. Of course, calculating the desired size of your screw conveyor is nothing like measuring for a new piece of furniture. Luckily, most screw […]

Types of Column Dumpers

When it comes to equipping your food processing facility with the right machines, there are basic questions you should always ask. Is it made out of high-quality stainless steel? Are the welds continuous? Is it safe? Is it USDA certified? While these are all important questions to ask, they won’t help you narrow down your […]

How to Choose a Meatball Former

Although many people think of Italy when they think of meatballs, it’s unclear where meatballs originated. While Italy does have a version of meatballs called polpettes, they are quite different from the American version of meatballs. Some sources believe köttbullars from Sweden were the first, while others believe köftes in Turkey came before (source). Wherever they […]

What to Look for in a Crossover Platform

Sometimes you need to traverse a river or street, and other times, you just need to cross a busy work area in a warehouse. Whatever the obstacle is in your workplace, a crossover platform is a handy tool that can help you move from one place to another safely. However, not all cross platforms are created equal. […]

Sanitizing Belt Conveyor Systems

Sanitizing belt conveyor systems is an obvious concern for any company operating in the food industry. While cleanliness and food safety issues are top priorities that demand high standards, the challenge lies in achieving them in a manner that is both effective and efficient. Fortunately, there are several possible ways for companies to clean and […]

Customized Food Processing Equipment

Do you feel like the right machine for your facility hasn’t been created yet? Perhaps it hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the wrong piece of equipment. Finding a commercial blender, conveyor, slitter, hopper, or dumper that meets your specific application requirements can be a challenge. Partnering with a custom manufacturing company […]

What to Look for in a Hamburger Patty Former

NOTE: Are you ready to buy a patty former? Click here to view our full line of options. Whether you’re preparing hamburgers, turkey burgers, salmon burgers, or even veggie burgers, the perfect patty former will make your job significantly easier. Once the burger mixture has been added to the infeed hopper, the operator can sit […]

Types of Steel Used in Food Processing Equipment

Steel is a versatile and strong material and, just like other types of metals, it comes in different grades. From your kitchen sink to a surgeon’s scalpel, stainless steel serves many different purposes. When it comes to processing food, the type of steel your equipment is made out of plays a huge role in quality […]

What to Look for in a Commercial Blender

Choosing a commercial blender is a drastically different experience than choosing a blender for your home. Your business’s blender must stand up to heavy use, produce consistent results, and ensure easy disassembly and maintenance. You need a piece of equipment that can always be relied on to mix ingredients safely and dependably to create high-quality products. […]

Meat Tenderizer Features

Tenderizing meat softens its fibers, improving its texture and making it easier to chew and digest. A home chef might use a metal or wooden mallet to tenderize meat, pounding it out by hand, but food-processing companies rely on commercial meat tenderizers, heavy-duty machines that reduce labor costs and cut production times. A variety of […]

How to Select a Food-Grade Conveyor

Conveyors fulfill a very basic need: the transportation of items from one place to another. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and they transport a great variety of items in the food processing and manufacturing industries – from produce and baked goods to meat, fish, and poultry. If new mandates have been issued […]

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